The ‘No-Frills’ service launches to give a South African flavour of internet telephony to Broadband users, saving them tons of money on phone calls.

O-Tel Telecom, the fastest growing National Licensed Telecom Provider has today announced the launch of its new consumer service to kick start the festive celebrations. The service aims at providing the South African public a facility to call any phone number in South Africa and the world from their Broadband connection at a considerably reduced rate. The callee no longer has to be online on one of the Instant Messaging Services in order to receive the call, but he can receive it on his cell or landline, worldwide! The clients can use and conveniently purchase airtime on a pay-as-you-go basis 24/7/365.

“It is time to enjoy the festive season and keep your spirits high!” Exclaimed, Mr. Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel Telecoms. “We are delighted to be a part of our customers’ joy this Festive Season through this service launch, we hope to spread a little more joy by allowing them to save money when calling to their families across the world.”

The service allows a 30 day trial so clients can test the quality of the calls before subscribing for the service. Unlike most common Internet Calling services, CheapCall uses South African based infrastructure and servers to route calls, hence the quality of the calls is same if not better than your regular telephone line.

“What is more exciting is that the client can receive a call from any number to his South African telephone number. The user can also use the service from anywhere in the world. From his hotel internet, he can call to South African landline or cell phone numbers paying local rates! offers a Softphone for download from its website, allowing the user to begin calling instantly.

“The service worked flawlessly using my home ADSL and a Vodacom 3G connection on my laptop. I could also make and receive good quality calls at local rates during my recent trip to London using Vodafone’s 3G network.” Reports marketing consultant Henk Roos, one of the service’s beta testers.

“The feedback was very good from the various beta testers. We’ve encountered some lag and echo whilst using I-Burst’s wireless service, however a decent conversation was made to destinations in Europe and Asia” Warns Patel. “on the contrary to this result, we’ve managed to achieve crystal clear quality using various Wireless ISP’s network as well as MTN’s and Cell C’s upgraded networks.” anticipates an influx of new signings before Christmas. To register for a free trial is easy at