O-Tel Telecom, a Licensed National Telecom Services Provider (LNTSP), today announced the nationwide availability of 1Cloud Hosted PBX Service (http://1cloud.co.za) , an effective telecommunication system which easily improves business productivity, lowers telecommunication costs, offers greater advantages with fewer hassles, and steps up the company to new generation telephony, dubbed Telephone 2.0

The advanced 1Cloud Service is loaded with call management features that are usually found in the expensive premise-based PBX systems used by large enterprises. Call conferencing, voicemail, call forwarding, voice to email, call waiting, auto attendant, and music on hold are just some of the facilities offered. Simply, it is an Advanced Telecommunication Features for Effective Business Communication .

Mohammad A. Patel, CEO of O-Tel Telecoms comments: “Telecommunication is an indispensable part of business communication. For your small business to project a bigger and professional business image, you need to maintain a corporate-level communication system in your office. For this, a hosted PBX with VoIP features would be very helpful. The technology of this phone system considerably reduces telephony costs and increases productivity.”

With hosted PBX, calls to your business are answered by the auto attendant with appropriate salutation messages. Callers are then presented with a list of options such as dial by name, dial by extension and more. Based on the option selected by the caller, calls are immediately routed to the proper extensions. The system handles multiple calls arriving simultaneously and performs quick call routing without giving off connection busy indications.

“These innovative features helps you to focus more on core business activities without being concerned about missed calls during hectic business hours.” Adds Patel. “The Hosted PBX market is experiencing strong response from businesses who want to eliminate telephony capital expenditures, improve customer service, enhance employee productivity and expand communications among dispersed, remote workers.”

Port Elizabeth’s leading PBX and telephony service company, Sadiba Communications, is in the transition process of changing their clients over to the 1Cloud Digital Age PBX.

Sadiba’s MD, Ian Mirk, points out “In today’s evolving market, any client would be reckless in committing capital to the purchase of a new PABX – large or small. Vendors are still supplying either analogue equipment – totally obsolete in today’s digital market and incapable of becoming a hub of highly productive unified communications, or are offering expensive digital PABX’s without offering the balance of the services required to maximise digital productivity.”

Mr Trish Naidoo, financial director of HB Shipping, has successfully integrated the 1Cloud hosted PBX service with his 3 nationwide branches. “ The exceptional features of hosted PBX phone system can be enjoyed without having to purchase costly onsite equipment. The high quality IP Phones phones were purchased outright at a low cost from a recommended vendor and programmed by ourselves with ease. We now have a consolidated phone bill, and our company has advanced PBX functions using high speed Internet at each of our branches.”

Patel concludes: “It’s simple. For success in business, you need to take every opportunity you get to be placed ahead of your competitors by using the best tools. 1Cloud Hosted PBX is the latest and the best…get ahead now, Don’t snooze!”