O-Tel Telecom expects to gain market share in South Africa this year and could add another Unified Communication Service to its line-up as part of its ambitious national deployment plan.

“Around 60% of the clients signing on to the 1Cloud Hosted PBX Service come from enterprises who wish to move from SA’s Analog Telecom Provider onto a Digital Network. The rest of the signups are clients who wish to upgrade their old PBX, some want to interconnect their nationwide branches, but most are deployments at newly established companies,” O-Tel’s chief Mohammad Patel told reporters during a recent interview. He described Samsung and LG’s Opticon Analog PBXs as main competitors for 1CLOUD in South Africa, although the 1Cloud Telephone 2.0  Service does have the upper hand being more flexible than the older technology alternative.

The Licensed National Telecom Service Provider last month launched the 1Cloud.co.za Hosted PBX Service, running on its stable National VoIP infrastructure, and expects the service to foster sales growth in coming months as part of its effort to offer the enterprise a value service incorporating a total Digital Telephony 2.0 solution.

Patel said during a press interview that the new Cloud Based Hosted PBX Service could account for roughly the same annual sales volume as the conventional Analogue PBX systems. He added that the quick low cost deployment, without the need to Hire Purchase equipment will attract a broader range of customers.

‘Enterprises are seeing the benefits of not having feature limited, rapidly depreciating, conventional PBX systems on-site. PBX Resellers have begun to realise that they can conclude a sale much quicker and have constant recurring income in providing the 1Cloud business model. Added benefits for hosted PBX are just too many to mention.’

Growth in the conservative South African market is crucial for O-Tel’s ambitious deployment plan, which includes replacing multi-branch Analog PBX Systems with cost effective Digital Solutions and signing on major PBX companies on a White Label partnership..

“O-Tel WILL become the leading Hosted PBX Service in South Africa … It’s not a dream. It’s a plan,” O-Tel’s Mohammad Patel confidently stated.