O-Tel Telecom today announced the immediate availability of its Fax over IP service, a value added service for its 1Cloud Hosted PBX Service.

The service is ideal for users looking for extended fax services to ease their daily office tasks without the hassle of dealing with telephony hardware. The O-Tel FoIP service allows organizations to take advantage of the O-Tel infrastructure to process all fax transmissions via the cloud-based hosted service.

“We recognize the need to allow our partners and customers to increase productivity and run a fully digital office. It has taken O-Tel almost 20 months to design and test South Africa’s first commercially available Cloud based e-mail / web to fax service.” explained Mohammad Patel, O-Tel CEO.

The company’s hugely successful 1Cloud Hosted PBX is the only service which allows
•    E-mail to fax
•    Web to fax
•    Fax to e-mail
•    Fax machine to Fax machine over wireless/wired IP

The unique technology which utilizes O-Tels’ cloud-based fax communications platform is a breakthrough in the industry adding to the evolution of telecom to Telephone 2.0.

“Utilizing the web allows for a more reliable and secure transmission, eliminates the possibility of inherit problems with T.38, and no longer requires organizations to invest in any capital telephony infrastructure.” Patel further adds, “These web services are the very reason why our 1Cloud service is the leading Hosted PBX service in the market. Our customers can rest assured that O-Tel’s 1Cloud will have the latest of telephony technology available.”

O-Tel has strategically made the ‘email to fax’ and ‘web to fax’ service available at no extra service charge to all 1Cloud Hosted PBX clients. However, the ‘fax to email’ service requires memory allocation at a minimal monthly fee. This assures clients that their Geographic or Ported Telkom number can be used for as long as the service is active, without the risk of it being recycled.

O-Tel offers a unique solution that extends existing fax server technology to the cloud. By eliminating the need for costly components of a fax server, fax board, and recurring telephony expenses, O-Tel leverages the Internet to manage all business-critical fax communications.

Through its IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model, O-Tel leverages a vast array of virtual ports, making them available to securely send and receive high volumes of fax transmissions.

The added benefit of O-Tel’s model is that there are no locked in fees or contract periods, and customers simply pay for what they use.

To order the service, email to [email protected] or visit www.otelafrica.com.

Fax over IP