O-Tel Telecom today announced the launch of its VoIP transit service located at JINX dubbed Victoria VoIP Station.

Whilst increasing its ‘infrastructure-as-a-service’ portfolio, O-Tel Telecom can now provide licensed VoIP providers with termination of their calls at inter-connect rates.

“Our partnership program has grown up. We’ve had providers who started off with O-Tel renting 5 sip accounts and have grown today to service 500 sip accounts,” comments Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel Telecom.

To accommodate the growth, O-Tel now offers dedicated co-located VoIP switches. Some O-Tel partners outside Gauteng prefer to host their own switches and connect via the O-Tel Dedicated Leased Line service.

Mr Patel adds: The Victoria VoIP transit Station is the perfect turnkey solution for VoIP providers wanting to quickly deploy carrier grade voice solutions, consolidating their multiple provider channels into one, or upgrading their reseller status to Bonafide VoIP Provider, enjoying direct billing hence increasing profitability.

Current services include broadband connection via internet, diginet, leased line, wireless, peering, geographic numbers, number porting, and some others.

The Victoria Station service will soon allow propagation of the providers ICASA allocated numbers.

Providers will be charged per port usage, and market related transit fees in addition to the ICASA regulated inter-connect rate. Non-license holders will be charged an added transit fee to separate them from the licensed operators.

In brief, the location of Victoria VoIP station at Gauteng’s central internet exchange places the service in an ideal position to provide multiple providers the opportunity to quickly deploy an effective voice service and benefit the consumer by enhancing the industry with competitive products.

Similar VoIP Stations will soon be deployed at Cape Town and Durban internet exchanges.

“O-Tel continues to lead with innovative ‘infrastructure-as-a-service solutions’. Providing stable carrier grade infrastructure to providers at a low ‘pay-as-you-grow monthly’ fee can only ultimately benefit consumers and businesses alike who will enjoy lower telecom costs.” concludes Mr Patel

Sales enquiries can either be made from the website at www.otelafrica.com, or emailed to [email protected]

Victoria Station

Victoria Station