O-Tel Telecom offers four months of low GSM LCR rates before retiring its Carrier GSM Banks.

With the low interconnect rates, it has been widely acknowledged that GSM LCR’s days are numbered as providers move towards VoIP based solutions. O-Tel began this process a couple of years ago, reducing the workload on it GSM Banks and routing all the GSM calls via its IP Interconnects with the Providers. However, the infrastructure still remains active, and O-Tel plans to de-commission the GSM Switches by end of February 2012.

“Our Carrier Grade GSM Banks has served us faithfully over the years to provide Least Cost Routing to our clients. However, we’ve noticed that in the last 4 months the major shift from clients connecting their Legacy or Hybrid PBX to our CheapCall ( www.cheapcall.co.za) and SIP Trunk (www.siptrunk.co.za ) service, with some opting to go fully digital on our 1Cloud Hosted PBX ( www.1cloud.co.za)  Solutions,” comments Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel Telecom.

Many PBX Reseller and LCR Specialists are using O-Tels LCR PLUS ( www.lcrplus.co.za )  service when moving their clients from the GSM modules over to VoIP. Some of their client contracts expire only in 2012, so the service has been beneficial. With the interconnect rate dropping again on 1st March 2012 to 56c for Vodacom and MTN and 64c for CellC and 8-Ta, it will surely mean the end of the faithful old PremiCell service.

This service is available to all VoIP service users who have devices which can accomodate multiple trunks, such as newer SIP capable Legacy PBXs, Asterisk PBX and VoIP Gateways.

Signup to the month to month short term contract is done online. Out of bundle rates remain same at 76c and top ups can be purchased directly online via EFT.

For more information, please visit www.lcrplus.co.za and signup for this superb package.