To meet the growing traffic demand created by internet, VoIP and cloud services, O-Tel Telecoms will upgrade its IP network backhaul infrastructure in Pietermaritzburg, Wartburg, including Ladysmith.

O-Tel will extend its VoIP backhaul capacity by deploying extended fibre bandwidth pipe to allow for higher call concurrency, aggregated by its partner’s wireless networks – the valuable last mile connection to the customers location. This last mile connection is valuable as there is no other infrastructure providing the customers with connectivity. This advanced platform, which will be deployed in the first half of 2012, will enable the network to seamlessly accommodate growth where traffic demand is the greatest.

“We’re constantly seeking to improve the O-Tel IP network to support traffic growth, improve performance and increase functionality,” said Mohammad Patel, chief executive officer of O-Tel Telecoms. “Upgrading the network using a fibre platform provides better scale and expanded capabilities that support traffic growth areas such as VoIP call concurrency and broadband access.”

O-Tel will deploy multiple fibre nodes for redundancy, where the partners plan to work together to ensure 99.5% uptime. With the influx of new subscribers, and hundreds of Telkom numbers being ported due to the lack of service provision from the incumbent, O-Tel Telecoms is surely captivating and maintaining a huge market share in those areas.

Roland Meister

Roland Meister

“Since partnering up with O-Tel Telecoms, we’ve seen our VoIP Value Added service flourish. We’ve grown to such an extent within few months that we’re looking at upgrading our billing infrastructure to accommodate the massive growth.”  said Roland Meister, Managing Direct, IP Fone PMB. “Our fibre connection provides crystal clear voice quality, which our customers are impressed with. We cannot keep up with the demand of new lines and VoIP services within our coverage areas.”

This upgrade is just a further step motivating O-Tel’s long term strategy in deploying extended services in Durban where fibre will be the primary choice of connection. Talks are under way to establish a formal presence at Teraco’s newsly established Data Centre in Riverhorse Valley, Durban.

Mr Patel concludes: “Deploying our network and services in KZN certainly has it challenges, but we’re jumping each hurdle successfully. We’ve already bagged the market share in Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas. Within a short period, we will certainly gain much more of Durbans market share, as our strong, world class fibre connections will provide reliable and stable VoIP, 1Cloud Hosted PBX and soon Centrex Cloud Call Centre Service.”