O-Tel Telecoms, the ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service’ company who provides Cloud Based Telephony Services to Channel Partners Nationwide, today unveiled Centrex, the next generation of Cloud Call Centers.

O-Tel is offering small, medium and large call centers via Channel Partners across South Africa its full range of inbound and outbound call center solution in the cloud. This is in response to the strong demand from businesses that are seeking ways to ensure growth this year by lowering their CAPEX costs and ensuring they stay ahead of the competition by having access to the latest in Call Center Technology all the time.

O-Tel Telecoms head of Projects and Development, Thyson Makitla, is very excited for the launch.
“We’ve worked for months with our American partners to ensure O-Tel keeps its promise on delivering a Carrier Grade Cloud Call Center Service labelled as Centrex.”

Centrex allows a Call Center to be established within minutes. All the agents require is a computer. Headsets and a web connection.

Makitla adds: “ Call Center Agents can now work from anywhere, including their home. The administrator simply creates his campaign, uploads his call list to the CRM, and the agent’s login to the Unified Communication tool which includes a predictive dialler and updates the CRM whilst speaking to the client.”

It is common knowledge in the call center industry that Predictive Dialling increases productivity by 70% as the system does not allow the agents to procrastinate. Quick CRM input is also just as important as the reporting afterwards needs to show accurate results. Centrex is ideal for these functions.

Onsite enterprise grade systems with all integrated CRM, Predictive Diallers, Real Time Analytics, Voice Loggers, and Advanced Reporting can cost close to R500 000. Other Open Source solutions based on Asterisk do not offer an integrated solution, easy Graphic User Interface (GUI), and are not entirely stable. can cost in the region of R220 000.

“Centrex has been tested by various channel partners nationwide, and the response was absolutely magnificent. It is by far the most complete Call Center Service in South Africa.” states Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel Telecoms.
“The service we offer includes full hosting, support assistance and is affordable, scalable and flexible. With a carrier grade backbone, we’re confident that the “recommended retail price” of R395 per seat is a huge cost saving for any Call Center, whether startup or fully operational.”

Centrex can integrate with most CRMs out there. Its built in CRM and support for vTiger seems to be sufficient for most Call Centers’ needs. Having a worldwide based clientele, it is known to work superbly with Salesforce.com, Sugar CRM and other top CRM services.

What’s more attractive is that Centrex is compliant with O-Tels’ new NGN Last Mile Connection. With the lowest concurrent call rate in the industry, it sure will keep the call center running costs as low as possible.

“We’re very excited about this long awaited product. Our partners are very enthusiastic in marketing this complete Cloud Call Center Solution.” concludes Patel.

Centrex is operational. Webinars are held regularly to demonstrate the service.