New Global DiD Service now accessible to O-Tels South African Clients

O-Tel Telecoms today announced the launch of Global DiD Service, a new subscription service allowing an O-Tel SIP Account to attach itself to a telephone number from almost any country in the world.

Enterprises or home users who have branches or family in other parts of the world can now attach that country’s telephone number to their local Voice Service. Their branch or family can thereon call a local number to speak to the party in South Africa and pay their networks local cost.

Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel Telecoms has been using the service for the past year.“With our UK network maintenance team, as well as my family residing in the UK, the service simply makes the world into a very small place. They can at any given time use their network to call my localised UK number at any given time, from their mobile or landline and pay the cost of calling into UK itself. This is the epitome of VoIP technology.”

Many O-Tel Clients are using this service for some time. A local company has a presence in Germany and Argentina, with both locations having a DiD connecting to the local SA office. One logistics company has a Chinese DiD facilitating his regular contact with his Beijing and Shenzhen office. Majority of the DiDs though are in UK, Australia, New Zealand Canada and USA where families keep in contact.

The requests were customized and on-demand. Now the Global DiDs is readily available to any O-Tel Telecoms SIP User. With advanced service now offered, clients may select to the level of the town they would like to have the DiD code into. London, Dublin, Adelaide, Perth, Toronto, New York and others.

The DiD access is rented on an annual basis, and can be attached to any of O-Tel’s voice services. Application is done online, but a pre-sales contact is suggested to check for availability. The  ordered DiD can be provisioned within 48 hours.

“Global DiDs is the next frontier in Telephone 2.0. As clients face tough economic conditions, the service offering provides good motivation towards cost savings. The convenience factor is also a huge bonus.” Concludes Patel