OTEL Telecoms this week becomes the first Licenced National Telecoms Provider to offer enterprises the lowest cost Leased Line package to enable stable and clear VoIP connections. Offering the service through Channel Partners nationwide, OTEL has already deployed over 100 connections during its two month long BETA test phase with resounding success.

“We believe this fundamentally changes the competitive landscape in South Africa” said OTEL’s Last Mile Connectivity Specialist, Senzo Nkumane
“OTEL Telecoms offer businesses a Cisco based Enterprise Grade Leased Line for much less, and it uses the power and flexibility of our broadband network to create an attractively priced all-in-one communications solution that none of our competitors who use ADSL can match in stability, affordability and voice clarity.”
Last year, the rise in popularity of uncapped ADSL service has increased the use of internet usage, where video streaming, online music listenership and large file download has become the norm in broadband use. This in turn has added additional pressure on already over-contended ADSL exchanges.

The negative impact is that VoIP call quality over ADSL has deteriorated over time.

Telephony is the lifeblood of every business. With poor ADSL connections, jitter, lost words and dropped calls, it has become a daily frustration for business owner.

“It has become clear that ADSL has been relegated to a technology for residential use, where the ADSL Exchanges are under less pressure.” explains Mohammad Patel, CEO of OTEL Telecoms.
“Until Telkom completes the roll out of the 3700 MSANS, it has become impossible to run business internet and VoIP over ADSL.”

OTEL Telecoms new solution is a Leased Line based on the stable, trusted, and readily available almost anywhere on a national SDSL Network. These leased lines require expensive Cisco equipment, providing the Enterprise with a symmetric internet connection. Thousands of major corporate companies are confident in running this service.

Nkumane adds:
“Our aim is to move the client onto a stable platform. We will install fibre where available. If not, we’ll use copper until the exchange is upgraded.  Ultimately, we need to provide crystal clear voice and quality internet connection.”

OTEL provides infrastructure to IT Service providers nationwide. Any query on the NGN network will be referred to their local representative. Clients can ask for a quote online. Its self-service online system on www.1connect.co.za makes ordering NGN lines quick and easy. The automated order system updates clients each step of the way during the order and installation process.

Nkumane explains further:

“An 8 Channel VoIP link has a retail price of R599.  Our Symmetric 1:4 contention uncapped Leased Line Internet Service retails at merely R2499. This is a massive discount compared to the R5000+  from our competitors.  A Cisco router is provided rent free for the duration of the contract.”

Patel concludes:

“We are aware that other VoIP provider clients face the same challenge in running VoIP over ADSL. NGN VoIP can be used to connect to any South African VoIP Provider who has an agreement with OTEL Telecoms. They can continue their VoIP service with their provider of choice, whilst enjoying stable and clear quality backhaul over OTEL’s NGN last Mile Connection.”