OTEL today announced from London that it will be exhibiting at the 15th AFRICAcom Telecom Conference held at the Cape Town International Convention Center from November 13 to 15 2012.

The event is expected to have 7000+ high level management such as CEOs, CFOs, and CTOs from ISP and Telecom companies from across the world attending. AFRICAcom is by far the most successful Telecom event hosted in the past few years where only the ‘who’s who’ of the industry have the opportunity to exhibit and participate.

Mohammad Patel, CEO of OTEL Telecoms comments: “OTEL is very proud to have climbed up to this stage in the industry. We will be exhibiting our infrastructure services in an environment where operators come to look for new opportunities and bona-fide suppliers such as OTEL Telecoms. We’re in a prime position to gain market share at AFRICAcom.”

AFRICAcom provides a venue for telecommunications carriers from around the world to gather and make new product and technology announcements and explore business opportunities.

OTEL will introduce new SIP Sentinel VoIP quality and monitoring analysis, including the VoIPGuard Global Fraud Prevention Service. The company also plans to introduce its TVNO service to a growing number of Telecom Operators who do are searching for a stable Class 5 VoIPSwitch platform.

OTEL is a fast growing operator who has direct inter-connect agreements with all major operators in South Africa. With Channel Partnerships, OTEL has much market share and presence across the country. With a foothold in Africa, OTELs services extend to various countries in Africa as well. The African economy of $1,6-trillion is expected to grow to 2,6-trillion by 2020. Since 2009, Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and DRC have been top investment destinations.

“OTELs immediate plans are to expand into the African continent by Channel Partnering with various operators and ISPs wanting to venture into telecommunications based on VoIP technology. We’ve already made progress in Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia and Mozambique. This is over and above our comprehensive coverage nationally in South Africa.” Explains Patel. “AFRICAcom provides OTEL with exposure in needs to the global stage where its vision can be reached in the fast lane.” 

OTEL’s stand can be found at A03 and will be manned by Development and Projects Head Thyson Makitla, Specialist Trainer Paul Colmer, and CEO Mohammad Patel.

With 200+ speakers set to present at this much anticipated AFRICAcom conference, it is advisable to book for your free entry from its website today. http://africa.comworldseries.com/