In response to growing demand for its VoIP and Broadband IaaS, OTEL Telecoms, today announced the successful relocation of its flagship LiTE service which hosts the 1Cloud Hosted PBX and SIP Trunk product, to the highly secure, vendor neutral and state of the art data center,Teraco.

Extending the company’s ability to host its VoIP network bridged over three major local broadband networks to ensure full uptime, OTEL Telecoms now boasts a higher grade VoIP network which enjoys less hops, less latency to inter connects and higher quality voice.

“ OTEL had established its CORE network at Teraco a few years ago. Relocating the LiTE network servicing thousands of clients was a highly pressurizing project compared to the relocation of OTELs Victoria Transit Station to Teraco last month.” Explains OTEL Telecoms CEO, Mohammad Patel “After months of planning, we finally made the bold move, and succeeded, but it was not easy as it came with its unforeseen circumstances which caused much inconvenience to subscribers of the service, however, it will be worth it in the long run.”

The Vendor Neutral Data Center fits hand in glove with OTEL’s strategy to service Channel Partners with Vendor Neutral VoIP and Broadband services. ITSPs can now select a handful if services within the OTEL basket and mix and match with other providers services (including voice transit, hosting, and last mile connectivity) to provide their enterprise and retail clientele the custom service of their choice. This is the next step in providing ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service’ to OTELs Southern African channel partners.

To keep its finger on the pulse of technology, OTEL has restructured its infrastructure, embracing ‘nodes’ by segregating its inbound, and termination inter-connects. This method allows total redundancy. It also accommodates OTEL’s Victoria transit station, which allows other operators and ITSPs to transit calls via OTEL’s well-balanced network.

OTELs connection to NAP Africa is a major advantage for other ITSPs already hosted at Teraco who can easily peer and use OTEL’s Victoria as primary or failover transit. Teraco is attracting many other ISPs and operators. This has enabled OTEL to join its CORE to other providers by dedicated cabling hence reducing hops and potential failure points.

The most attractive solution is for the ever growing Channel Partners who can now decentralise and use the TVNO 2.0 service to be launched in March 2013, which includes Hosted PBX, FoIP and SIP Trunk services together with an Automated Billing System. The total solution package is an ideal for most ITSPs or PBX specialists.

Patel concludes: “OTEL believes fundamentally that we can enhance our Channel Partners’ business results by delivering our IaaS solutions to them utilizing our advanced VoIP and Broadband platforms, as such, it is the variety of VoIP and Broadband related services that leverage our stable platform and remains our primary focus, because delivering substantial new value to our channel partners drives our business most effectively in these challenging times. In this respect, our upgraded network facility strengthens our delivery capability and provides the necessary infrastructure to support a substantial expansion of our VoIP and Broadband business over the coming years.”

O-Tel at Teraco

O-Tel at Teraco