OTEL Telecoms, recognized for its Vendor Neutral VoIP and Broadband Infrastructure-as-a-Service provision to Operators and Internet Service Providers, is pleased to announce the release of V2.0 software for the company’s Terrestrial Virtual Network Operator (TVNO) service. A Carrier Class Unified Communications VoIP Switch capable of deploying Voice Terminals in an instant.

Featuring an entirely new and far more intuitive GUI designed by OTEL Telecoms European developer partners, the V2.0 software is based IBM, HP or DELL carrier hardware on the stable CENTOS 6 platform and delivers a wealth of new and highly requested features and upgrades.

The new V2.0 Unified Communications software makes configuration and maintenance of the service far more efficient. The dramatically re-designed software now provides integration of the SIP Trunk, 1Cloud Hosted PBX and FoIP service. The revised reseller and billing modules also form part of the upgrade. With this thoughtful design attribute, users can take full advantage of high resolution displays for faster system workflow. Equally significant, V2.0 incorporates the ability to add on other modules such as Automated Billing, GSM Stand Alone Survivability mode, and a multitude of Apps integrating CRMs, Operator Panels and Mobile VoIP.

Also prominent among V2.0’s many new features are its Video Calling capability, which makes it a viable option for Wireless Internet Service Providers to offer to its clientele as there is sufficient bandwidth to handle the featured service. Fax to Email, Email to Fax and Voicemail to Email are just some of the services which makes the TVNO 2.0 the most viable solution for all ITSPs, ISPs and PBX Specialists in South Africa.

Those tasked with configuring the TVNO 2.0 will greatly appreciate V2.0’s new Remote Hands module. Support can be made efficiently via any internet connection. In order to provide maximum usability and the most intuitive means of configuring today’s sophisticated VoIP Provider Network setups, the new V2.0 software incorporates a variety of easy online features, including fast, free upgrades and online help. These capabilities ensure users will always have constant, up-to-date information and capabilities at their fingertips.

Paul Colmer, OTEL Telecoms Business Development Manager, states, “Our Channel Partners natural progression is to own their switch. With it, they have the power to grow to higher levels. The infrastructure of TVNO 2.0 is not a system that needs testing and trials it has been tested on the core of the OTEL network as they have been there, it is proven, we offer them all the services, and billing, all which they understand, as they get them now, it’s what they know. Only that now, it’s a slice of the OTEL network solely for them.”

New deployments or upgrades is available now.

Sales enquiries can either be made from the website, or emailed to [email protected]