OTEL Telecoms Fills the Gap with the Stratford Service Shared Voice Provisioning SoftSwitch

OTEL Telecoms, a licenced first tier voice and broadband service provider, announced today the launch of the Stratford Service, a carrier grade, easy-to-use and cost-effective voice provisioning and management platform for PBX, LCR and IT Service Companies.

“In line with OTEL’s policy of new product and service innovation, we have successfully launched our new Stratford service. Stratford is a hosted class 4/5 soft switch VoIP reseller platform, an affordable entry to the market place for our partners to offer voice services to their clients.” comments Paul Colmer, Business Development Manager at OTEL Telecoms.

Stratford represents the perfect entry level reseller platform for the smaller providers and a cost effective stepping stone to our flagship TVNO 2.0, our full house dedicated solution for larger providers , ISP’s and WISP’s

Colmer explains, “Stratford effectively replaces our old faithful multi- tenant LiTE switch which has served us well over the years and many of our partners have already migrated to it from the LiTE switch to embrace the new features and added functionality.”

Stratford features powerful PBX functionality, such as multi-branch connectivity, multi level IVR, Call Recording, Email to Fax, and Mobile connectivity.

Service Providers have multiple packages to select from. This will enable the provider to create competitive call plans, whilst ensuring call costs are kept low.

With little financial or management risk, Service Providers need not worry about Infrastructure Capex, long term contracts with Telcos, Credit Vetting with 1st tier Telcos and large number of staff to maintain the service. OTEL Telecoms includes all of the above for a low monthly rental fee based on Pay as you Grow business model.

“We will continue to support our existing LiTE clients until they need to upgrade, then we will instigate the migration to Stratford.” concludes Colmer.

Stratford signup is available immediately. For more information, interested parties may contact [email protected] or 010-786-0200