Company Brings New Wireless Technology to Deliver the High Speed Last Mile Fixed Wireless Coverage throughout the Province

OTEL Telecoms, a leading South African VoIP and Broadband Operator led by current Wireless Access Providers Association (WAPA) Chairperson, Mohammad Patel, today announced the expansion of its fixed wireless network to include extended reach throughout newly developed housing and commercial areas in Gauteng. With the addition of a few new Point-of-Presences’ (PoPs) in Gauteng, OTEL Telecoms offers expanded wireless Internet and Voice coverage to more businesses, giving the company an even greater footprint in the Gauteng metropolitan areas. The company has a few Fibre Enabled POPs in and around Centurion, Johannesburg, East Rand, Midrand/Samrand, Northern Suburbs and the West Rand.

Over the past several years, Gauteng and Western Cape has been one our fastest growing networks and we have consistently added new PoPs throughout the provinces to broaden our reach to more businesses and gated communities,” said Mohammad Patel, CEO of OTEL Telecoms. “Further expansion into Gauteng has been one of our important short-term goals and we believe our fixed wireless broadband will be a tremendous asset to the growing number of gated communities and businesses whom are struggling to obtain high speed stable connectivity.”

Northern Suburbs, Samrand and Centurion in particular are home to some of the region’s fastest growing businesses and residential areas. It is a great move for operators like OTEL Telecoms to continue expanding their network to reach these thriving communities and business centres.

Contrary to the belief that fibre is the only source of high speed internet access, wireless is a viable option which can be deployed quickly and cost effectively in areas where fibre may not be financially feasible to deploy. Although 100mbps is an appealing broadband speed, residence bandwidth requirement for a comfortable internet experience currently averages at 20mbps with small to medium businesses averaging at 40mbps. This is sure to grow in the coming years as video, software sizes, cloud computing and other home and business applications become more bandwidth hungry.

All of OTEL Telecoms’ Gauteng customers have a range of bandwidth options to choose from, starting from 5mbps for residential use to 300mbps connections for enterprises connections which has service reliability backed by an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA). OTEL Telecoms’ fixed wireless broadband network is delivered over OpenISM frequency to residences and optional Microwave connectivity for businesses.

Majority of OTELs’ network deployments derive from partnerships with resellers, channel partners, property developers, Home Owners Associations and Business Park Management Companies. It simplifies network deployment speed and costs if there are subscribers ready to sign at a stipulated price. The higher the subscription number, the faster the fibre backhaul pipe, which ultimately lowers the cost for the subscriber.

“OTEL Telecoms has good partnerships with industry leading infrastructure providers which allows for deployments to be quick, cost effective and efficient.” Concludes Patel.

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