OTEL Telecoms, a South African headquartered, market leading provider of VoIP and Broadband infrastructure to Internet Service Providers, has secured a funding package from UK based private investors to support its continued global distribution of its CloudAstrix range of ISP software.


With some of the world’s leading VoIP ITSPs and ISPs as clients, CloudAstrix saw a 150% growth in revenues in the last two quarters. The release of the CloudAccounting software opens CloudAstrix to all industries, instead of the telecoms sector it mainly focuses on.


CloudAstrix lead developer,Mohammad Patel, commented: “CloudAstrix exists to deliver exceptional software and services to our clients, wherever they are in the world. We’ve built the CloudAccounting package on a web platform which caters for legal, insurance, wholesale, retail and distribution industry. The unique automation and control of the package by serial number takes modern day business to a whole new level.”


The CloudAccounting software includes recurring service automation, stock warranty control, multiple branches serving of one hosted database, and aggregated staff and clients onto one billing system. It can be hosted on the clients cloud servers and be accessible using any device which has internet access.


Patel concludes “CloudAccounting meets the demand of having a true CloudBased secure billing and accounting package catering for multiple branches and warehouses, and multiple types of stock and services. We’re offering trial and demo versions to interested parties.”


More information on CloudAstrix products can be found on www.cloudastrix.com