Independent telecommunications provider OTEL says the liberalisation of the telecoms industry means managing agents responsible for administering Gauteng’s business parks have a unique opportunity to add broadband and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offerings to their bundle of revenue-generating services.

“With South Africa’s GDP growth expected to come in well under the 2% percent mark again this year, managing agents need to think of creative ways to diversify their revenue streams. The days of relying solely on administration fees and levies are long gone for any managing agent wanting to expand their business,” said Rad Jankovic, OTEL CEO.

Gauteng is already one of the 50 largest urban agglomerations in the world and a growing number of commercial entities in South Africa’s richest province are choosing to set up shop within relatively safe and well-run business parks.

According to Mr Jankovic, OTEL’s strategy of rolling-out high speed fibre-based voice and data services within these gated commercial precincts offers opportunities for managing agents. “OTEL has developed a revenue-sharing model catering specifically to the administrators of business parks. A percentage of turnover generated as a result of any OTEL fibre deployment in a commercial park will be shared with the managing agent that facilitated the roll-out.”

OTEL’s revenue-sharing model means that not only do super-fast broadband Internet and reliable VoIP-based voice services boost the value of commercial real estate and enable operating efficiencies, they now also improve bottom lines. “This tangible rands and cents benefit helps to ensure the long-term viability of the firms that administer business parks which is good for owners and tenants alike. They benefit from the resulting stability of their operating environments,” added Mr Jankovic.

The OTEL solutions that are designed to increase profitability and reduce downtime include hosted PBX, free email, server hosting, cloud computing, as well as call centre solutions including call recording and autodialing, amongst other value-added voice and data services.

Managing agents interested in the opportunities offered by a last-mile telecoms roll-out by an independent and client-focused telecoms operator will first need to allow OTEL to exhibit its services within the complex for up to five days in order to determine likely uptake.

OTEL is a licensed business-to-business provider of VoIP & broadband Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. Its nationwide dedicated network and cutting-edge technology positions OTEL as one of South Africa’s leading wholesale telecoms providers.