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OTEL has expanded its Fibre-To-The-Business (FTTB) roll-out to Ekurhuleni with the provisioning of broadband voice and data services in a substantial and well-known office park in Boksburg.

The Independent telecoms provider says extending its FTTB office park roll-out to the East Rand for the first time has been made possible by the interest displayed by business owners in the park. The resultant substantial improvement in speeds as well as lower costs per unit associated with such projects which together with its recently-introduced 49 cents per minute call rate applicable across all networks, offers substantial savings whilst improving internet speeds and reliability. OTEL’s new discounted pricing also applies to the installation cost of running fibre links to individual businesses.

According to OTEL CEO Rad Jankovic: “There’s massive pent-up demand for broadband in South Africa’s business parks. There’s also a sense among many SMME’s and individual park owners and body corporates that contracting with independent telcos is the way to go. This is due to the ability to create customised and flexible offerings as well as the personalised service that the smaller telcos are able to offer as a core service.

“We have found that when we provision our own fibre services into office parks with multiple tenants, we are able to provide better broadband speeds and substantially reduced rates due to economies of scale. OTEL has the benefit of being large enough to offer world class infrastructure to its SMME customers at highly competitive prices, while being small enough to offer fast, effective and personal service.”

Most of South Africa’s business parks are reliant on ADSL provided over copper wire. This has speed and availability constraints compared to high-speed, always-available fibre optic underground cable delivered via FTTB rollouts by independent operators like OTEL.

With higher speeds and uncapped bandwidth, the end user does not only experience faster Internet, but also has the opportunity to achieve further savings on quality VOIP solutions and also take advantage of various over-the-top (OTT) services like offsite security monitoring, secure data storage, amongst others.

“Individual businesses within office parks are attracted to the fact that we will take over their existing business telephone numbers while offering them up to 60% saving on local, international and mobile voice calls. OTEL also offers uncapped Internet via LTE, fibre and microwave solutions that are not vulnerable to cable theft, nor weather-based service interruptions,” explained Mr Jankovic.

OTEL also offers full turnkey solutions to individual clients within office parks which means that all of their business ICT needs can be taken care of by one service provider. This enhances the kind of simplicity that results in even greater cost savings.

From a modest operation in 2008, OTEL is today a licensed business-to-business provider of VoIP & broadband Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. Its nationwide dedicated network and cutting-edge technology positions OTEL as one of South Africa’s leading telecoms providers with a specific focus being on needs of the SMME’s.  Our vision is to deliver our brand promise of being always connected to she SMME market at affordable rates through quality links as well as redundancy solutions that has traditionally been the domain of substantially more costly services offered to larger enterprises.  Its wholesale and retail fibre solutions are designed to increase profitability and reduce downtime and include hosted PBX, free email, server hosting, cloud services, as well as full-featured call centre solutions  amongst other value-added voice and data services.

Otel is currently busy with a number of other projects which include fibre to the business parks as well as retail malls, which we expect to come on line before the end of this financial year.