Rui Costa, the dynamic Managing Director of Paratus Mozambique, is a man with a mission, a man who believes that whatever he visualises will become a reality. This can-do attitude has taken him from being an unqualified but hopeful young man to a brilliant one who is leading, apace, the telecoms and network services business in Mozambique.

Back in the late ‘90s, Rui rang bells and knocked on doors in a bid to secure himself gainful employment when he first hit the shores of Mozambique from Lisbon. Rui had joined his girlfriend in Mozambique who had moved there to take up a contract job in government. Relying on his own wits, Rui’s tenacity and resilience paid off and he eventually landed a job in sales where he excelled, and so his fate was sealed.

He possesses that unique knack of understanding his customers and knowing what they need, and so it was no surprise that, having worked in the telecoms industry for a few years, Paratus then spotted Rui’s flair for sales and general business management. Paratus knew instinctively that Rui was the man they needed to lead their charge in Mozambique. Since then (2018), Rui has not looked back and he now sees his future glued to Paratus in a shared objective to transform Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and customer service.

“Telecoms these days is such a fast-paced business – there’s something new every day. That’s why it’s important to focus on your strategy or you could easily become diverted by the speed of change. This is where Paratus Group’s expertise, knowledge and infrastructure is brought to bear – they know what they’re doing; they are investing in their own infrastructure, and we are leveraging that here in Mozambique to create the quality network that our customers want and need.”

And this customer focus is evidenced by the opening of new Paratus Mozambique offices in Nampala and the launch of fast, resilient cross-border links between Mozambique, South Africa and the rest of the world. As Rui says: “If Mozambique is to realise its economic goals, we need to be able to answer the call in providing world-class network services.”

Like a firefighter-like facing a blaze, Rui has been almost as fearless in overcoming barriers to create a thriving market for Paratus in Mozambique. He’d be the first to argue this though because, as a humble man, he genuinely gives credit to his team and to the Group for all his successes. “I’m just a piece in the Paratus jigsaw.” For all the modesty, however, he’s an animated and excited person who sees the vision of Paratus to become a major force in the African telecommunications landscape fast becoming a reality.

“What we can now offer here in Mozambique is unparalleled in the region and this makes us very proud.

“There’s such a buzz in the market right now and Paratus is becoming better known every day especially now that the group has signed deals with global LEO satellite operators. This all contributes to making our offering not only compelling but also incomparable. Our total network services offering is very attractive to any business that needs to communicate using a fast, resilient network.”

He is steadfast in his belief that every customer is super-precious – regardless of their scale or size – and this approach has not only fostered client loyalty but also propelled growth through referrals.

Rui’s vision for Paratus in Mozambique extends beyond mere connectivity. One of his significant achievements has been spearheading the launch of the two game-changing cross-border fiber links, revolutionizing connectivity in the region. Paratus now offers an alternative to the sub-sea cable norm by introducing resilience into South Africa. Not only have cross border links enabled price reductions and enhanced services but also carved out new sales channels for the company, independent of traditional carriers.

With a dedicated team of 42 and counting, the company is poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities, including Paratus LEO offering and metro fiber focus on enterprise and consumer markets.

Beyond the boardroom, Rui’s passion for Mozambique is easy for everyone to see. A proud father of three daughters, he finds joy in the country’s vibrant culture and endless outdoor pursuits, from sports and biking to weekends soaking up the sun on the beach as well as that all-important swim in the sea. Unusually, for a Portuguese man, he prefers playing a game of padel than going fishing in his spare time.

Despite his achievements, Rui is an extremely humble person. With plans for expansion and a commitment to social and community development, Rui’s vision for Paratus knows no bounds. With a keen eye on market dynamics, he is spearheading the company’s expansion into new sectors, new provinces and uncharted areas in the region. Given the economic climate, the technological advancement, and the group’s sheer determination to make it all happen, it’s no wonder that the Paratus Mozambique phones are ringing off the hook right now – something that makes this natural born salesman very happy indeed.