TVR Video Inbox to officially launch at 2013 web summit in Dublin

Mar 31st, 2014

TV Republic (TVR) is proud to announce the imminent launch of its Video Inbox application at the annual Web Summit in Dublin.

One of only ten South African startups invited to the conference, TVR’s Chris Clark is enthusiastic about the possibilities of Video Inbox and its role in the future of corporate communications.

“The world is moving to video,” says Clark. “With the average company user receiving in excess of 100 emails every day, the direct and indirect cost to businesses and enterprises are substantial. Not only that but business critical information (sent out via email) often gets lost in the noise of the corporate inbox, leading to unnecessary confusion, production delays and misunderstandings in the workplace.”

Atos Origin research indicates the average employee spends 40% of their working week dealing with internal emails that add no benefit to the business. TVR Video Inbox aims to help solve the problematic use of corporate email by providing a desktop and mobile application that allows authorised individuals to communicate with all staff, using professional user and/or company-generated presentations and videos.

“Video Inbox allows anyone to create content in a simple, effective way and then immediately share that content with specific user groups within their organisation, or the organisation as a whole,” says Clark. “TVR Video Inbox also allows companies to report on communication analytics, allowing content publishers and administrators the ability to track views and the overall success or penetration of their communication.”

The ability to upload video to staff anywhere in the world (thanks to the TVR Station Manager iOS App) means that lengthy email can become a thing of the past, with a swiftly recorded video message delivering the right message, in the right context, to any connected device.

“It all boils down to enhanced employee engagement and encouraging workplace discussions that are meaningful, productive and involved,” says Cornel van Lingen, CEO of PDT South Africa – parent company behind TV Republic. “Our invitation to present (and launch) the TVR Video Inbox solution at Web Summit 2013 underlines the drive from business and communications professionals alike to find an effective alternative to traditional communication methodologies.”