Take part in the 2015 Employee Engagement survey to win Samsung Prizes

Jun 2nd, 2015

This Employee Engagement Survey will measure if you positively and proactively influence business operations. An engaged employee is innovative, is a problem solver and contributes massively to productivity and the profitability of their companies.

PDT and FIN24 invite you to share your thoughts and help us track this year’s trends.

  • You could earn 1 of 4 Samsung 32” LED TVs for taking 5 minutes to complete this survey
  • Share your thoughts and contribute to this critical conversation.
  • The 2015 State of Employee Engagement Report will be produced by PDT and FIN24, and distributed to you directly, before being published online.
  • Note that Personal details are kept strictly confidential


About 2014s State of Employee Engagement Survey

The 2014 State of Employee Engagement in South Africa Survey revealed perceived leadership and communication failures, with 67% of survey respondents placing blame for under-performance at company management’s feet.

The report was featured on MyBroadBand, Business Day TV, CNBC Africa, 702, Radio2000 and several other media platforms – highlighting a real need for South African businesses to join their international counterparts and have a serious discussion about Employee Engagement and the economic impact thereof.

Download the 2014 Report