Company staff and senior management on different planets . . . and it’s hurting business

Sep 4th, 2015

PDT 2015 State of Employee Engagement in South Africa survey report

The state of employee engagement in South Africa is declining according to the 2015 results from an annual survey into this topic from PDTSA.

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Year-on-year trends suggest a widening disconnect between lower level staff structures and senior management, especially when it comes to corporate communication.

In the 21st century it is becoming critical to find new and innovative ways to communicate, especially in business.

People are more connected and have access to multiple communication devices and tools; in turn, they expect those around them to communicate as vociferously as they do; senior management is no exception.

The way we work is changing and in the age of information, employees are seeking more reasons why their work matters.

The concept of “buying-in” to a company culture is key to ensuring that staff become engaged employees.

Statistics in the 2015 survey suggest that levels of engagement can be directly linked to motivation or even the ability for employees to adapt and embrace necessary changes. However, four out of ten South African employees are largely disinterested in their jobs.

Managers and CEO’s subsequently require new forms of engagement and interaction with their 21st century workforce.

Technology, particularly video-based platforms, is the key to unlocking better communication between various company structures. YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet after Google, largely because video resonates with people on a different level to other forms of interaction.

Unfortunately, the greatest disconnect in SA companies lies in communication, with a stunning 0% of senior management believing that they need to improve their communication, while at least 73% of non-managerial staff highlighted the need for better communication from their managers in the 2015 survey.

The communications disconnect is exacerbated by the increasing size of our companies, which create greater distances between senior and non-executive staff.

Big retailers, banks, mining conglomerates and even government have rapidly expanding staff structures which are not all necessarily housed in the same location.

It is understandable therefore that managers can’t be everywhere or maintain a consistent presence on the office floor.

Technology can bridge these divides like no other form of communication, and from CEO to secretary, can create a paradigm shift in the way we view engagement in business.

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PDT’s 2015 State of Employee Engagement in South Africa survey report

PDT’s 2015 State of Employee Engagement in South Africa survey report