PDT wins Hypervsn™ partner status and rights to bring 3D holographic technology to South Africa

Jul 4th, 2018

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“Hypervsn™ is a cutting-edge visual solution for creating, managing and displaying unique 3D video content,” says Cornel van Lingen, PDT CEO.

“We are always looking at new technologies and solutions that deliver that “wow” factor in terms of campaign capabilities, usability and practical applications. Partnering with Kino-mo is a logical (and exciting) step forward, helping us deliver on our brand promise to support client ambitions through cutting-edge innovations.”

About Kino-mo’s Hypervsn™ solution

Kino-mo is an award-winning British company developing hi-tech visual solutions. The company is backed by Sir Richard Branson and Mark Cuban, with its Hypervsn™ solution receiving an array of awards including Top 3 British Innovations of the Year.

Over and above the obvious benefits to businesses in the retail and entertainment industries, Kino-mo’s Hypervsn™ technology offers practical applications for Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Automotive industries.

The company was named among World’s 10 Most Impressive Technologies by Mashable and USA Today.

PDTs Partner Status

In order to qualify as a Hypervsn™ partner, PDT had to provide evidence of proven ability to deliver on a host of technical and operational competencies.

“Kino-mo is strongly committed to launch Hypervsn™ technology and grow its footprint in South Africa,” says Kino-mo Co-founder, Art Stavenka.  “We are thrilled that PDT will be bringing their profound experience and leadership to our global partnership network.”

Commenting on the partnership, PDT Hypervsn™ Product Owner, John Paul Higgins said; “Over our 15 plus years’ existence we have seen many technologies come and go, we believe Kino-mo is different – offering something truly unique and groundbreaking with unlimited applications for all types of businesses and industries. We are excited to introduce it to South African audiences.”