PDT and HYPERVSN combine to help delegates see the extraordinary at Gartner Symposium

Sep 19th, 2018

HYPERVSN is the original 3D holographic system incorporating CMS, content and a 3D display.

The company, through PDT (its South African Distribution partners) is currently exhibiting at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018 in Cape Town – with the technology drawing significant interest from the (predominantly) C-Suite delegates.

“We specialise in various solutions geared towards improving communications and CX but HYPERVSN is such a unique prospect we decided to only showcase its abilities at this event,” says CEO, Cornel van Lingen. “The response to the technology has been amazing. Without sounding arrogant in any way it’s also been expected as (once experienced) the response if often along the lines of ‘that must be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.’”

One of a kind

The revolutionary HYPERVSN technology allows 3D videos to appear to be floating in mid-air and perceived by viewers as hi-resolution holograms.

The HYPERVSN system is made up of individual device, a proprietary CMS platform that allows to manage all devices remotely from a single location, plus the powerful 3D Content Creation Tool to easily turn 2D images into eye-popping 3D visuals.

“The HYPERVSN system presents new disruptive opportunities to capture and convert audiences by engaging in meaningful conversation with all customer personas,” says Kiryl Chykeyuk, HYPERVSN Co-Founder. “It is definitely a unique coup for brands wishing to reach high brand exposure and effectively set themselves apart from competitors.”

Made to inspire

HYPERVSN’s proprietary hardware works in conjunction with a platform of unique and robust software / content to provide customers with an integrated 360, high-quality business solution.

The technology can work in a variety of applications but PDT is targeting key industries including Digital Signage, Retail, Events, Education, Public Safety and other use cases.

“The Gartner Symposium markets itself as the centre of technology, business, strategy and inspiration,” says van Lingen. “We were banking on winning the eyeballs by brining delegates something beyond the usual and the expected . . . judging by the response it seems we made the right call.”

Visit www.pdtsa.co.za for more information.