Attix5 releases Attix5 Pro V7.0.3 – we’ve got your backup

Dec 12th, 2013

Attix5, a global provider of data protection software and cloud solutions, proudly announces the launch of Attix5 Pro V7.0.3.

The new, simplified networking feature allows all connections to be made through a single port. While most other backup solutions require multiple IPs and ports to achieve this, Attix5 Pro turns this networking nightmare into a simple “one-port-fits-all” solution.

In the unforeseen event of a lost workstation, the bare metal recovery (BMR) feature enables instant recovery from an image-level backup (snapshot). This ensures that business continues as usual, without wasting resources on reinstalling any software programs or operating systems.

Since 1999, Attix5 has focussed on secure cloud and onsite data recovery. Its unique encryption mechanism allows flexibility to back up multiple client machines, using software-level deduplication on a single storage server while mirroring to private and/or public cloud solutions, never compromising security.

“What we are offering is simplicity, flexibility and complete peace of mind. We take the pain out of backup and recovery. Everything is managed from a single console and the software can be deployed on any existing network without the need to change anything – that’s why techies love us,” explains Robert Kellerman, marketing manager of Attix5. “Company decision makers trust our software because it has been tried and tested. It takes disaster out of the picture and ensures business continuity.”

Additional key features in V7.0.3, such as enhanced restore file access, expanded operating system support and Windows backup operator mode, add immediate and lasting value to evolving technical environments.




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