Attix5, Pamoja at the epicentre of cloud service to Africa

Feb 17th, 2014

Global provider of data protection software and cloud solutions, Attix5, is using its strategic partnership with Pamoja, the Cloud services business unit of Pan-African ICT enabler SEACOM, to meet an increasing need for cloud services across Africa.

Pamoja uses the Attix5 platform to deploy backup and recovery solutions as cloud services on its own platforms, reinforcing its core value proposition to deliver cloud solutions for the Africa market.

Pamoja’s cloud platform was developed on the latest version of Microsoft Windows Server and leverages Windows Hyper-V. Attix5 supports this platform entirely and allows for rapid scale-out, as required.

Attix5 provides the backup foundation for the rollout of Pamoja’s cloud services. “The combination of quality, easy-to-use backup and recovery service with Pamoja’s Africa Cloud platform enables both organisations to address the need of a growing cloud market,” says Gavin Lingenfelder, Cloud Services Head at Pamoja.

“Being able to deal directly with a local provider is easier than having to deal with international vendors”, he adds.

Heidi Weyers, GM: Sales from Attix5, said the Company is very pleased about this partnership because it serves as a solid foundation from which it can cater for a rapidly expanding client base in Africa.

“Our portfolio of services incorporates connection to a Public Cloud hosted platform for distributed clients, private cloud and LAN backups with an off-site copy in a hosted or DR environment, as well as full enterprise-wide Private or Hybrid Cloud Solution,” says Weyers.

Attix5’s core business focus has always been twofold: minimising bandwidth while ensuring the highest level of security. These are the main differentiators compared to that which is offered by other vendors… they try and add this functionality as an afterthought.

The Company places a premium on the reliability, quality and practicality of solutions and will continue to transfer the value of this industry-leading alliance to help empower clients who embrace and apply the Cloud to enhance service delivery into Africa.



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