Attix5 provides Titanium-strength backup service to Hamptons International

May 27th, 2014

Hamptons International, a leading international residential property company, has invested in the Titanium Appliance onsite backup and recovery solution from its service provider Attix5, a global data protection software and cloud solution provider. As a result, the property company has streamlined its tape-based offsite backup process and added a new dimension to the security of its data.

The Titanium Appliance offers the best of both worlds – LAN speed restores and offsite 2nd copy for disaster recovery.

However, it is the option to extend this backup service into the Cloud – either through Self-Service or Backup as a Service (BaaS) – that enhances the appeal of the solution and combined technology.

Luv Duggal, GM for Sales at Attix5, says that there is a demand for backup solutions that offer flexibility, scalability and reliability.

To this end the Titanium Appliance uses Attix5’s integrated de-duplication to reduce the space and the network resources required for backups, and still provides full protection and recovery for both physical and virtual environments.

Attix5’s Titanium Appliance is preinstalled with the Company’s software and enables any organisation to easily backup all desktops, laptops and servers on a single onsite device. This infrastructure is optimised, through the software, for fast, secure, and resilient backups.

This differentiated the offering in the eyes of the executive leadership team at Hamptons International. They were in the market for technology that would eliminate the need to use a high volume of tapes for backup, a particular issue that made its previous solution slow, media-intensive, difficult and cumbersome.

Any potential replacement solution had to live up to two key criteria: it had to offer the ability to link to the Cloud and make provision for local backups.

With a centralised management console as standard, the Titanium Appliance solution met the criteria and Hamptons International’s requirement for a robust, hybrid solution – one that offers the ability to work both onsite and in the Cloud.

Himasou Makwana, IT Operations Team Leader at Hamptons International, said that whilst the integration and application of the solution is still in its infancy, there is little doubt that the ability to offload old backups to the Company’s own storage will help towards cost savings.

Luv Duggal, said the solution is an ideal, cost-effective fit for its Client and will eliminate the need to visit a data centre to change tapes. It will vastly improve the client’s RTOs and ensure business continuity in case of disaster or system failure.

Luv Duggal, GM for Sales at Attix5

Luv Duggal, GM for Sales at Attix5



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