No Disaster Recovery strategy, could mean no business

Aug 18th, 2014

With only 35% of organisations equipped with a disaster recovery plan, according to Gartner, there is a dire need for more awareness around this facet of business management. Attix5, global developer and provider of data protection software and cloud solutions, is leading in efforts to drive the message home that an effective DR plan is fundamental to any credible business operation, irrespective of position, size and sector.

Speaking at the Cloud World Forum 2014, hosted in London recently, Attix5 CTO Petrus Human stressed the severity of the issue of data loss, in the Cloud and elsewhere, and the danger of apathy amongst businesses in developing and implementing a disaster recovery strategy.

“There are so few organisations with a disaster recovery plan that the obvious choice should be for businesses to look at expert cloud providers offering DRaaS or even custom onsite or Hybrid DR solution providers. Most businesses have some sort of backup plan in place, but what happens when disaster actually strikes? We want to increase the awareness around the fact that many organisations could be in trouble,” said Human.

Data loss is on top of the dangers list and the primary focus when implementing a disaster recovery plan.

Human says, the reasons behind loss of data varies from human error (where crucial segments of data are deleted accidentally for example), hardware failure and external influences such as power outages fire and theft to name a few.

Using its established set of products and solutions, Attix5 is innovating a ground breaking technology which will enable SMBs and SMEs to integrate fit-for-purpose DR solutions.

Attix5’s newly introduced data recovery offering, DynamicRestore, is designed to instantly restore a business’ data and also have servers up and running in minutes in the event of a crisis. There is no wait-time for recovery and, as Human explains, this is not a replication or costly high-availability solution – which, to date, have been largely responsible for holding back progress within the small-to-medium segment.

One of the most significant challenges to business operations today is that recovery time and recovery points. It is important for businesses to get data transmitted and backed up as frequently as possible so that the data loss is minimal. “It does not help to do backups every few minutes if it will take half a day or a day to recover the data. This is where Attix5 really ads value. We offer solutions which gives the companies the ability to get their business up and running in the cloud, or even build their own solutions using our Titanium hardware appliances,” says Human.

Looking ahead Attix5 will be leveraging its new-look brand and focus on its roadmap and development team to increase innovation around RPO and RTO (Recovery point and recovery time objectives) to avoid having to send high volumes of data across the network. “With our mantra being “The innovators in data protection and recovery”, the aim is to continually improve the process – from backup to disaster recovery and make it more accessible and cost effective,” Human adds.



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