Technology making all the difference in business continuity and disaster recovery

Oct 27th, 2014

Is your technology up to having business as usual in case of disaster?

Decision makers agree that whilst there is little about information backup and archiving that is exciting, there is no doubting the importance of looking after this facet of your business. Innovation in the IT industry is currently moving at such a rapid pace – it is becoming disruptive.

Creators of products and solutions have to keep up with technology and industry trends to make use of arising opportunities. Those who don’t adapt, who just keep on keeping calm will soon be forgotten and then there are those who reinvent themselves, those who rewrite the rules of the game. The innovators who invent new products and solutions which effectively change the way people live.

To an IT decision maker, backup is like car insurance. Something that has to be in place but not something you want to revisit every day. An effective disaster recovery plan is similar, but in a sense more critical. Again, something that can easily be neglected or even confused with a backup plan. I had a friend who recently went on a surf trip in Indonesia. He and a friend were in a motorbike accident on an island. Both in critical condition needed urgent medical care. My friend’s medical aid immediately sent a helicopter who transferred him to a first world hospital where he received proper medical care and had a speedily recovery. Unfortunately his friend was not so lucky. Turned out that his medical required additional paperwork and upfront payment before committing to anything. No helicopter or ER team. He was basically on his own. Perhaps a good comparison to having a disaster recovery plan that will save the day…or not.

Some businesses never recover from a disaster – especially those with either no or a poor DR plan. An effective DR plan will minimise business downtime. Obviously it is impossible to predict the impact of a disaster or when it would strike, so one has to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Depending on the impact and nature of your business, downtime can range from seconds to days and for some business, one day could be catastrophic. An effective DR plan will not only have your business operational, but will ensure business as usual. Servers, data and Exchange back in place.

Recent innovation at Attix5 changed its focus from being a 15 year old onsite and cloud backup provider to a leader in disaster recovery and business continuity software and services.

Michael Law, CEO at Attix5 says, “Up until now many organisations didn’t consider implementing proper DR plans for reasons like high cost, additional resources and changes to infrastructure. Attix5 has addressed all the above hurdles with its patent pending LiveRetore technology. It gives any business the ability to recover lost data and servers in minutes from an onsite or cloud backup location.

Ultimately today’s archiving and backup infrastructure has been streamlined, reengineered and redesigned to handle the realities of the modern business market. It is not a question of whether or not to invest, but more a case of what specifically and how much.



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