Attix5 offers high-speed V8 Peregrine backup

Feb 5th, 2015

Leading global developer and provider of data protection software and cloud solutions Attix5 has released V8 Peregrine software, proven in beta tests to be the fastest backup solution on the market for millions of files.

Attix5’s Pro Peregrine 8 encompasses a new file indexing technology that offers an unprecedented new level of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

The upgraded version of this backup and disaster recovery software equals unparalleled agility and is capable of speeds up to as fast as your hardware allows.

Initial backup of millions of files can now be completed in just minutes and incremental backups will only take a fraction of this time. Third party tests show Attix5 producing speeds of between 3.6-6.4 times faster than their nearest competitors for an initial backup of the 40 GB workload and between 3- 5.6 times faster than their nearest competitors for a second incremental backup.

“There are a host of advantages to this software, including instant file-level access to backups and administrators can access the aggregated data on the backup drive for testing or data mining purposes,” explains Petrus Human, Attix5 CTO.

Backups are immediately available, irrespective of file and folder size, and host location.

“This latest version saves time and money, and there is also no need to copy large amounts of data to dedicated file servers,” Human adds.

Attix5 has refined the functionality of the solution and ensured that it can simplify networking (one port fits all, no security is compromised and there is no Windows Communication Foundation), and it can run in Windows Backup Operator mode – which enables administrator-level access to complete backups and backup purposes.

Michael Law, CEO at Attix5 is confident that these speed improvements combined with recently announced Dynamic Restore technology will disrupt the BC and DR market.

“You need fast backups for reduced Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and almost instant recovery for low Recovery Time Objective (RTO), V8 will have these components plus the flexibility and security of an agile, hardware agnostic backup product.

V8 peregrine also features Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) which creates an image level backup (snapshot image of the client machine) and offers instant recovery from the backup image.

“We’ve also made sure that the solution supports more operating systems and the focus is to keep up to date with the latest Windows versions on all products, including desktop and server edition installs,” Human continues.



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