Solid, cloud-based backup from Redstor and Network Platforms

May 11th, 2016

Gavin Epstein, Sales Executive from Network Platforms

Leading ICT solutions and services provider Network Platforms, through its alliance with Redstor, has ensured its clients will benefit from premier cloud backup service and data protection technology.

Redstor was founded in the UK in 1998 and is a global provider of cloud backup and data protection software.

The company’s focus is on partner-enabled cloud backup as a service (BaaS), delivering these services either through its own storage platforms around the world, or by supplying Backup Pro software to power their partners’ own service platforms.

Redstor-powered services are currently available through hundreds of partners worldwide.

As an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified organisation, Redstor combines technical excellence with proven processes to deliver innovative, flexible and secure cloud services that reduce risks and cost to end users.

Network Platforms covers a comprehensive portfolio of services, including cloud services, connectivity, VPN management and IT management.

The business has made a firm commitment to safeguard business continuity and disaster recovery for their client’s connectivity and cloud services by running its network across multiple data centres in South Africa.

Redstor understands the importance of reliable off-site/ remote backup solutions and its flagship offering is Redstor Backup Pro, a solution differentiated by the fact that it can backup any platform – from desktop and laptop computers to server.

“In data hungry environments that most users are confronted with today, the ability to secure information, protect intellectual capital, backup data effectively from anywhere across desktops and mobile devices offers peace of mind … and that is what we are able to offer with our technology and our partnership with Network Platforms,” says Heidi Weyers, general manager, sales at Redstor.

Gavin Epstein, Sales Executive from Network Platforms echoes this sentiment, saying the company has built a network that ensures business continuity and disaster recovery for connectivity and Cloud services in multiple data centres across RSA. “We are passionate about reliable and secure backup technology. As more businesses leverage trends like Internet of Things, data analysis, mobility and digitisation, there is more necessity to protect resources – particularly data and intellectual property. We are proud of this alliance and believe it adds significant value.”

Heidi Weyers, general manager of sales at Attix5



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