Redstor in powerful cloud backup alliance with Stage2Data

May 19th, 2016

Robert Kellerman, Marketing Manager for Africa at Redstor

Redstor, a leading global provider of cloud backup service and data protection solutions, has announced a game-changing industry alliance with Stage2Data, a Canadian private cloud solution provider.

Stage2Data provides Cloud Backup services to empower clients to outsource their data storage needs. Its backups are protected with military grade AES256 encryption.

In 2015 UK-based Redstor acquired global data protection and recovery specialist Attix5, headquartered in South Africa, and the partnership represents a fresh, progressive and growing technology brand,

The connection with Attix5 is where Redstor and Stage2Data share synergy.

Stephen Pyott, National Sales Manager at Stage2Data, explains that the company originally partnered with Attix5, based on its industry leading technology and strong international reputation.

“When Redstor purchased Attix5 we wanted to continue the relationship. We feel that Redstor will continue smooth development of their software. Their partner program is industry leading,” says Pyott.

This appreciation of Attix5 is what Stage2Data has leveraged to develop its value proposition.

“We sold the first ever North American Attix5 customer. We have developed Attix5 a very strong footprint and brand in data protection industry in North America. Now with the two companies joining expertise, Redstor will continue to be an industry leader in data protection,” Pyott continues.

Robert Kellerman, Marketing Manager for Africa at Redstor, reiterates the value of the company’s partnership with Stage2Data, saying that it serves as a foundation to further expand into the American market by showing the value of industry leading backup and storage technology.

“We share the same vision of making sure that true backup is efficient, and easy to use. In an emerging market that is growing and requires solid data management and backup services, the partnership with Stage2Data could not have arrived at a better time,” said Kellerman.

Stephen Pyott, National Sales Manager at Stage2Data

Stephen Pyott, National Sales Manager at Stage2Data



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