Redstor embracing more customer, partner-centric approach

Nov 29th, 2016


At its annual Partner Event held in Johannesburg recently, Redstor, a global provider of cloud backup and disaster recovery software and services, said strong customer relationships and a quality product offering will form the foundation of its business strategy in 2017.

“It has been a year of change and disruption across the globe spanning a variety of fields. The growing predominance of The Internet of Things enabled more devices to connect to each other. This, in conjunction with Machine learning and the proliferation of data, are all driving awareness for the need of better security for our information,” said Paul Evans, CEO and co-founder of Redstor.

He said that with Redstor becoming an international software business following its acquisition of Attix5 last year, the company now needs to focus on continually innovating to cater for this changing dynamic in the world’s markets.

“So, instead of giving customers solutions we would like to see them use, we are listening to what their requirements are and customising our solutions like Backup Pro accordingly. Being customer-centric and understanding the challenges they face combined with a more bespoke solution will be a significant differentiator heading into the new year,” he added.

For Evans, Redstor has been repositioned to scale the business in such a way that it can spend more time with customers and partners and gain a clearer understanding of their specific challenges and identify ways to address them.

“With 85 percent of our gross profit coming from partners, Redstor is perfectly placed to take this enhanced strategy forward and capitalising on a more hands-on approach moving forward. We believe in the partner community we are building and are excited by the opportunities that the Attix5 acquisition have enabled us to identify.”

This new approach has already seen the company introduce monthly product releases that are based on hundreds of service reviews, as well as feedback from power users and partners. The Redstor team regularly engages in an activity called “Research and Innovation” to enable team members to better themselves by researching product related trends, and then implement the result into the development process to encourage innovation and productivity.

“We are also a very people-focused company, and we are actively engaging third-party developers while we continue to grow our own team, training them to be aware of the needs of the customer,” Evans added.



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