Redstor says: “Unite for a better internet”

Feb 7th, 2017

Specialised cloud software and backup services provider Redstor is urging the market to unite for a better internet and support the global Safer Internet Day 2017 on Tuesday 7 February.

The annual worldwide initiative is organised to encourage users of digital technologies and the internet to do so safely.

Children are spending more time online than ever before, and a recent survey has found that a third of parents felt ill-equipped to teach their children best practices for staying safe online.

45% of parents surveyed would like schools to spend more time teaching children the importance of cyber security.

It is focused on exploring the power of image in digital youth culture, and is underpinned by a number of organised activities in collaboration with supporters.

Stakeholders and project sponsors have also collaborated to facilitate a social media campaign and photo campaign to host images of digital youth.

As a responsible, progressive business, Redstor believes it is best to strive for a balance between encouraging children to embrace online opportunities and wider technologies, whilst educating them on how to deal with potential negative consequences.

“We are all aware of the increasing incidents of cyber bullying, access to pornography and other real dangers associated with those who will abuse technology resources. Redstor has teamed up with its industry partners in E-safety, to push the value of Safer Internet Day, an initiative that has gained prominence over the years through the involvement of celebrities, to endorse key messages to the youth,” explains Danie Marais, Director at Redstor.



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