Redstor Drives Backups at The Scientific Group

Feb 22nd, 2017

Medical supply business The Scientific Group has been relying on Redstor Backup Pro to ensure the security and integrity of its data for several years.

The Scientific Group (TSG) is a clinical diagnostic and life science company with 32 years’ experience in the sales and services division of the science and healthcare industry.

It supplies, supports, and services diagnostic laboratory equipment and consumables to pathology laboratories. Additionally, TSG provides research institutions and science companies with a range of high-tech equipment and associated consumables.

The founder company, South African Scientific Products, was established in 1983 and became known as TSG in 1999.

Problem Description

As a medical supply business, TSG required a cost-effective and reliable backup solution to help it meet its backup needs. With data forming an essential component of the efficiency of the company, TSG could not afford to lose access to data.

Nkosinathi Mtshali, IT support manager at TSG, says that Attix5 Backup Pro (which was subsequently acquired in 2015 by Redstor) was implemented in 2013 to address these concerns. And while the amount of data being backed up has increased in the years following the implementation, Redstor Backup Pro could scale with this growth and continue to provide the same quality service.

The Solution

“Currently, we have our Cape Town and Durban offices backing up to our servers in Johannesburg. This, in turn, is mirrored to an off-site server. TSG has approximately 102 users across desktops and laptops relying on Redstor for cloud backup,” says Mtshali.

While TSG is only backing up its file servers with Backup Pro, the total data is approximately 6.7TB across the organisation.

“We have had successful restores using Redstor in the past after encountering corrupted data. This year alone, we performed four restores following compromises,” he says.

While he is satisfied by the performance of Redstor, Mtshali mentions that TSG is looking at the potential of upgrading its connectivity infrastructure to ensure faster backups during peak times.

“Fortunately, Redstor Backup Pro performs well even on low bandwidth internet connections. An entire backup of our files is completed within a maximum period of two hours,” he says.

The Result

In the three years TSG has been using Redstor, it has been very satisfied with the customer service and the quality of the solution.

“We are generally happy with Redstor and would definitely recommend it to others. It is working exactly as it should be,” says Mtshali.

He goes on to say that Redstor has enabled TSG to address its backup and business continuity requirements.

“There can be no true business continuity without reliable backups in place. Redstor has become critical to our business success,” he concludes.



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