Redstor’s new Storage Analyser helps with capacity planning and cutting primary storage costs

Apr 25th, 2018

Redstor, a leading UK-headquartered SaaS business, today launched a free Storage Analyser that shows organisations how much of their expensive primary storage is potentially going to waste.

Available to download today, the web-based Storage Analyser reveals what space would be freed up if inactive data was offloaded to the cloud.

With the simple swipe of a slider, organisations find out what proportion of their data has remained unmodified for a month, a year . . . however long they specify in the last two years.

By adjusting the slider, the user can compare savings over different time frames, decide on an automated archival policy and capacity plan with confidence.

Savings can be particularly significant for organisations dealing with 10 Terabytes or more, as they can migrate large volumes of data to a lower-cost platform and keep existing storage productive for longer.

Redstor’s Storage Analyser reveals how organisations can:

  • Cut primary storage costs by 50 per cent +
  • Sweat assets for longer
  • Assess various savings to be made with different data management policies

Download Redstor’s Storage Analyser here.

Redefining data management

With Redstor’s easy-to-use, automated archiving service, the user experience remains exactly the same. Crucially the data is always available, so there’s no need to worry about offloading anything important.

Files archived to a private or public cloud still appear to be on local drives in their original locations and open as normal.

This self-service retrieval puts power in the hand of the user. No IT involvement is required, leaving staff free to concentrate on business-driven objectives.

High-speed access to archived data enables organisations to get hold of emails, databases, files and folders in seconds rather than having to wait for hours.

Very large files can be accessed instantly as if they were stored locally.

Equally a user can download a 2MB file from a 200GB VM file stored in the cloud – without having to hold on for anything else to be retrieved.

This means there is minimal impact on bandwidth as users only retrieve the parts of the files they need.

Improving accessibility for GDPR compliance

With General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect on May 25 – organisations have an extra reason to want their archived data to be easily located and searchable.

This can be problematic if data is held on tape in a vault off site. Archiving with Redstor in the cloud improves compliance as the data is more accessible.

Organisations can:

  • Automate long-term data retention
  • Reduce IT management overheads
  • Strengthen data protection and management processes

Archiving is just one feature of Redstor’s all-in-one data management solution. New customers automatically get backup and DR too – all from a single console.

Paul Evans, Redstor CEO, said: “Organisations can see for themselves how much disk space can be saved by archiving files that have not been accessed for a selected period of time.

“Data archived to the cloud is extremely easy to access – and by streaming back only what the user needs, we are bringing archiving up to date.”



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