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GWAVA, the leading provider in archiving and eDiscovery for electronic communication data, is pleased to announce Retain 4! This latest release of Retain Unified Archiving includes a completely redesigned user interface, an advanced “Google like” search tool, the Retain High Performance Indexing Engine, plus native support for iCAS technology, and message deletion.

“We are excited for this latest Retain release,” said Ken Muir, GWAVA CEO. “Retain Unified Archiving is uniquely positioned as a leader in the Archiving 2.0 marketplace because it provides innovative functionality in monitoring, filtering, and archiving social media content, instant messaging, and web searches, in addition to archiving email and mobile communication data.”

Retain is a unified Archiving 2.0 suite, primarily focused on email archiving for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, but also includes comprehensive native support for archiving Gmail and Novell GroupWise email. Retain archives electronic business communication including data created on mobile devices, and manages social media, instant messages, and internet web searches, as well as built-in content filtering and URL blocking. For mobile devices, Retain archives communication data for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS, including SMS/text messages, BBM Messages, BBM Protected, phone call logs, and PIN Messages. It archives social media communication content for Yammer, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It archives instant message data for Lync/Skype for Business, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo Messenger, Google Chat, and Google Hangouts. Retain also captures and archives end-user web searches for search engines and web services including Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Wikipedia. Retain also provides content filtering, and URL blocking of social media, instant messages, and web search content.

Traditionally, archiving has solely been used to preserve and archive email. Organizations retained this data mainly for regulatory compliance, and that is where the process stopped. The marketplace has changed, drastically. Organizations and regulations now demand the management of all electronic communication data, and they demand that the data be readily and easily accessible. This shift—called Archiving 2.0—is about making corporate communication data archives into an active data source to leverage information within the organization. Retain 4 provides the functionality to fulfill the demands of Archiving 2.0, by providing access to archived data from one central location.

For more information about this shift in archiving, view this short video from GWAVA and Info-Tech