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Xinuos a supplier of the leading enterprise unix os announced today the appointment of Robinson Distribution as their distribution partner for Africa.

“More and more customers are moving their critical applications to a more reliable stable platform able to handle the load. Traditional solutions like Microsoft are not up to the task when you need to rely on performance, stability and price. This space is reserved for the UNIX OS. Clients who handle large scale transactions for billing systems, High volume web based platforms and other system that depend on high throughput rely on Xinuos. Xinuos offers the most reliable operating system platform with the release of its latest product Xinuos OpenServer 10.” says Dirk Robinson, Manager at Robinson Distribution.

Xinuos’ product portfolio boasts the OpenServer 5 Definitive, OpenServer 6 Definitive, UnixWare 7 as well as the flagships OpenServer 10 and OpenServer 10 Solution Stack. For more information on the newest available products please feel free to contact our Sales team at Robinson Distribution.

There is more!

Veryant has announced it’s isCOBOL Evolve which provides a power environment to develop and deploy robust, business-critical COBOL applications which include applications running on Xinuos Open Server™ 10. 

We will be offering reseller exclusive product overview and training shortly as well as announcing dates for the User Group.