Robinson Distribution, spend the last 15 Years helping customers to be compliant through archiving. With a large customer base in Government and Corporate we had the privilege of working with some of the best managers and Partners in the industry. The feedback we received from them were critical to our solutions success in the African market. With the POPI compliance on our doorstep it became evident we need to expect much more from our archiving solution.

Smarsh, is the leading on Gartner’s archive solution magic quadrant for the third year. The unique design of this product offers a complete archive solution in one central system with the ability to search and cross reference across all channels. Robinson Distribution is proud to be associated with such a prestige solution.

The products direct integration into social media addressed a major problem with public and private data, Administrator can now archive specific individuals. This feature is controlled from a central dashboard managed by administrator. The direct integration into social channels allow a post with all associated posts to be shown in a hierarchal structure for easy reading.

The latest addition of voice archive makes this solution unique. South African government acts such as RICA (Regulation of interception of communications and provisioning of communication-related information Act), FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) and FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act) requirement to record phone conversations along with electronic communications. In addition to mobile, Smarsh offer archiving of fixed line conversations so there are no gaps in your compliance with the regulation.