The Sabinet legacy
Sep 22nd, 2017

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Over the years, we are proud to say that we have built a well-deserved reputation for reliability, credibility, accuracy and relevance, both locally and internationally.

Sabinet’s established client base includes a wide array of local and international libraries, as well as public and private organisations, who have all partnered with us over the years to design and implement customised solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. This partnership and the ongoing dialogue we develop with our valued clients is key to our success.

At Sabinet, we always aim to consult with and understand our users’ day-to-day experience and expectations, developing new, and enhancing existing product and service lines, so that they address real issues, challenges and needs.

In addition, our long-standing partnership with OCLC empowers us to meet our vision of providing world-class products and services to libraries around the globe. | Sabinet Press Office.