A partnership to power up access to policy materials
Jun 22nd, 2021

At Sabinet, we’re passionate about providing intuitive solutions which add value for our customers and stakeholders, allowing them to close the gap between searching and ultimately finding the information they’re after.

In another move towards closing this gap, we’re proud to announce a new partnership we have forged with Coherent Digital, an international digital information service provider that seeks to ‘tame wild content’ by aggregating what’s out there, making it discoverable through unique tagging and ensuring quality through intense curation.

Through our partnership with Coherent Digital, Sabinet now offers its users access to the Policy Commons database, an important resource for researchers, educators, students and policymakers. This database, considered the world’s largest, is home to over 2 million documents related to public policy drawn from over 20,000 NGOs, think tanks and research centres. Not only is this database home to countless reports, policy briefs, working papers, media and data sources, but it also provides various community tools and features which allow users to upload, share and discuss materials.

Through the provision of current and curated, top-quality, fact-based materials aimed at solving today’s most pressing problems, Sabinet hopes to pave the way for its users to access these materials with ease and with speed.

To learn more about Policy Commons, click here.

| Press Office.