Stay Ahead of Legislative Developments with Sabinet’s Customised Monitoring Services
Jul 4th, 2023

Staying informed about legislative developments and government policies is a critical aspect of business in today’s fast-paced environment. Customised Monitoring Services provide an accurate and reliable way for businesses to remain abreast of legislative changes that may affect their operations. 

With Sabinet’s Customised Monitoring Services, you’ll receive current reports on government policies and legislative developments. Users may subscribe as businesses or as individuals. Reports are customised to your specific field/s of interest, which may range from specific industries to broader policy areas. Receiving customised reports enables decision makers to remain focused on the task at hand, whilst having the assurance that they receive accurate and regular updates. 

Sabinet’s Customised Monitoring Services offers early warning systems for legislative policy movements. This allows you stay ahead of the curve and prepare for changes before they take effect. Extensive research is undertaken daily on the chosen topics, and clients receive customised email reports relating to their chosen fields and industries.  

By using professional sources, Sabinet ensures that you receive unbiased and objective reporting that is current and credible. Allowing you to stay informed and to remain compliant. The Customised Monitoring Service acts as your eyes and ears, as it scans thousands of newspaper articles related to parliament, 180 government media statements per month, 200 Gazette notices weekly, and monitors 36 parliamentary committees and 26 government departments per day—selecting only the information that you require to help you advance your business.  

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The service saves businesses valuable time and costs, as it eliminates the need to employ a full-time researcher, reduces the need for printing or storage of hard-copy documents. The time saving to business is invaluable, as is the reduction of risk in being non-compliant and attracting associated penalties. Aligning cost to strategy and investing in credible expertise, combined with savvy technology, is vital to remaining successful and sustainable. Through tightening up processes and procedures, businesses can significantly reduce waste in both resources and time. Reducing operating costs has a direct impact on profitability. It is therefore important to understand what really adds value in your organisation and what could make your business more efficient. 

Staying informed about legislative developments and government policies is a crucial business aspect. Sabinet’s Customised Monitoring Services is, in effect, your eyes and ears. Ensure that your business remains compliant.   

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