Sabinet National Legislation (NetLaw): Your compass in the complex world of legislation
Jun 14th, 2024

In an ever-evolving legislative environment, having swift access to accurate information about the latest national Acts, Rules and Regulations is essential for individuals, businesses and organisations alike. That’s where Sabinet’s acclaimed National Legislation Service (NetLaw) comes in, enhancing how South African legislation is accessed and understood.

NetLaw stands out by prioritising timely updates on new legislation and amendments, ensuring that users remain up to date with current national legislation. This proactive approach helps users stay compliant with evolving legal requirements. Moreover, NetLaw offers a user-friendly search function for all South African legislation, making it easy to navigate and pinpoint relevant information.

The service includes clear highlighting of recent amendments, provides a historical overview of amendments to each Act, and organises Acts alphabetically and chronologically for ease of reference. Additionally, NetLaw facilitates access Rules and Regulations and Court Forms . In preparation for the 2024 elections, it is not surprising that the following Principal Acts have been amended by the Electoral Matters Amendment Act 14 of 2024 recently:

Examples of recent amendments include:

One of NetLaw’s standout features is its ‘What’s New’ section keeping users informed of any changes or additions, empowering you to make informed decisions and mitigate legal risks effectively. Weekly newsletters delivered directly to your inbox ensure you never miss a beat, providing concise summaries of new amendments and legislative updates.

Sabinet Discover extends its reach beyond national legislation, offering access to provincial laws and municipal by-laws across South Africa. Sabinet Provincial Legislation includes point-in-time search functionality for all provincial legislation in all 9 provinces. Municipal by-laws, essential for adapting operations to local legislation in all South African municipalities, are also available on Sabinet Discover.

The power of NetLaw

Intuitive design enhances user experience, saving time and effort in researching legislative changes. Users can easily explore all South African legislation, access Court Forms and easily see the highlighted amendments to a piece of legislation.

NetLaw covers all updated and consolidated South African principal Acts, Rules and Regulations dating back to 1910. As a custodian of invaluable legal information for 30 years, Sabinet has established itself as a trusted supplier of national legislation.

Whether you are a legal professional, researcher, or organisation seeking content on updated legislation, Sabinet NetLaw is your ultimate companion in finding and staying compliant with South Africa’s legal framework. Stay informed, stay compliant, and let NetLaw be your compass in the complex world of legislation.

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