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The cash flow conundrum: How visual reporting can help
Sep 26th, 2016

There are several reasons why 80% of small businesses in South Africa fail within the first three years, the greatest reason being cash flow.

Sage’s Pay Now helps Small & Medium Businesses get paid faster
Sep 20th, 2016

Sage Pastel Accounting adopts Pay Now for its 10 000 invoices/month, showcasing the power of the solution.

Build advanced reporting skills and save time for your business with Excel on Steroids 2013 Online
Sep 13th, 2016

Sage, the global leader in integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems – has launched Excel on Steroids 2013 Online.

Young entrepreneurs are redefining the rules of business – and established companies must keep up
Aug 31st, 2016

Young entrepreneurs are building the future of our country. That future will be shaped, to some extent, by their values, priorities and characteristics.

The love affair between young Nigerians and disruptive mobile technology
Aug 31st, 2016

Young Nigerians are mobile-first people – technology is inspiring young entrepreneurs to create businesses that could not have existed in the past.

Outsourcing your payroll: How it can benefit your business
Aug 29th, 2016

One aspect of the business that many Small & Medium Business owners manage on their own, when it often makes sense to get help, is the processing of the payroll.

Making sense of SA’s tax and labour laws around labour brokers and personal service providers
Aug 29th, 2016

Your finance team needs to know something about labour law as it handles your taxes, while your human resources team needs to understand where labour and tax regulation intersect.

People analytics: HR and Geeks are working together, supercharging business performance
Aug 29th, 2016

In a time of seismic technological change and digital invention, Sage’s smart people use the smartest technology to reinvent and simplify HR.

Two things I wish I had known when I started a small business
Aug 29th, 2016

Any entrepreneur that sets out with these two pieces of wisdom is on a faster track to success: hire the right people from the start and if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

How SMAC can increase business competitiveness
Aug 29th, 2016

Business Management Solution providers are under enormous pressure to reinvent their platforms as the upsurge of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies threatens to make traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software irrelevant.


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