By Sarika Andhee, Marketing Leader, Services at Schneider Electric

Traditionally perceived as a “spare parts and breakdowns” business, services has evolved into so much more. Focus has moved to insightful consulting audits, tailor-made maintenance contracts, enhanced modernisation activities and digitalisation of multiple industries and segments. Customers can leverage off our predictive tools to manage their current infrastructure and plan for the future.

Pursuing a career in Services is truly rewarding, particularly to those individuals that are interested in technical, dynamic environments that require problem-solving acumen and a passion for data analytics.

Service teams encounter a wide array of challenges whilst working on various customer sites. This offers an excellent opportunity to enhance problem-solving skills and critical thinking as they are required to diagnose and find solutions quickly and often under tremendous pressure.

For example, pursuing a career at Schneider Electric Services offer exciting prospect as you are continuously developing new skills and being trained in the latest technological advancements. Having this knowledge helps us become the trusted advisors for our customers in solving their everyday challenges.

The demand for technically skilled individuals makes Services an attractive team to work for. As long as industries rely on equipment, there will always be demand for onsite support and maintenance. Services skills are also transferable across industries, providing flexibility in career options and the potential to work in different sectors.

Another benefit of pursuing a career in services is travel opportunity, which can be particularly attractive to younger employees. This provides great exposure to broaden one’s horizons, whilst working closely with a vast array of customers.

Working in services is a great foundation for evolving and advancing one’s career path, starting from engineering to operations roles and progressing to senior management positions. It offers individuals the opportunity to understand the full value chain, starting with application of equipment on a customer site and cascading through other departments within the organisation. With each role, employees gain a better understanding of urgency and how to handle customer issues, even under pressure.

Ultimately, pursuing a career in services promises to offer technical challenges, continuous learning, travel opportunities, and the satisfaction of supporting critical industries. It is an exciting and fulfilling career choice for individuals who have a passion for problem-solving, technical proficiency and enjoy working with customers.

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