The problem

The company was experiencing rapid growth which led to a network environment in constant flux — and security struggling to keep up. The network was also dispersed across several regional offices with various teams and processes, presenting a huge challenge to getting comprehensive visibility and intelligence that took in the complete context of the organization. Each team was relatively small and struggling with day–to–day management, let alone strategic security goals.


  • Business scaling faster than security
  • Decentralized network making it difficult to gain visibility and accurate intelligence
  • Small security team with big responsibilities
  • Maturing the security program beyond baseline standards


  • Efficient, automated processes
  • Data and teams brought out of their silos
  • Strong foundation of comprehensive visibility and network modeling
  • Complete context to inform daily action and long–term strategy

Learn how this Skybox customer used comprehensive visibility and contextual intelligence to provide the foundation of their SOC, quickly identify exposures and assess networks amid the WannaCry attack

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