Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.0 will launch on 29 June.

This was announced at an online event that I – Bradley Prior, Senior Journalist at MyBroadband – attended on Thursday 24 June, where I was very impressed with the hybrid cloud services Synology will be bringing to its NAS and SAN product lines through DSM 7.0.

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“Large amounts of unstructured data are constantly being generated at exponential rates,” said Philip Wong, Synology CEO and founder.

“Traditional centralized storage deployments can no longer keep up with the ever-increasing bandwidth and performance demands.”

Wong stated that edge cloud products, like Synology’s storage management line-up, are one of the fastest-growing solutions in the market as they solve these data challenges.

In addition to announcing DSM 7.0, Synology has unveiled Active Insight, Hybrid Share, and Secure SignIn to the market.

Active Insight

Active Insight is a large-scale device monitoring and diagnostics solution that analyses information before providing fast and useful advice and support.

This solution receives data from your Synology NAS devices and uses this data to monitor your system’s health and performance in real time.

I was blown away by the depth of information that is made available by Active Insight, which we saw when Synology performed a live demo of this tool.

Hybrid Share

Hybrid Share is a cross-site sharing solution that makes it easy to share data between your offices around the world.

It combines the flexibility of Synology’s C2 cloud storage service with your on-premises solutions to ensure that you can store your data locally, but provide access to your international colleagues.

I was extremely impressed with how hybrid share offers 99.9% service availability, and a mind-blowing 99.9999999% data security success rate.

Secure SignIn

Secure SignIn uses two-factor authentication and offers a number of other security improvements to ensure that the sign-in process is secure yet simple.

In my time as a journalist, as well as in my capacity as an Internet user, I have encountered countless security threats and flaws related to weak sign-in systems.

Synology’s Secure SignIn offers the perfect blend between simplicity of use and security that I seek, and I have no doubt this new technology will prove perfect to Synology users.

The DSM 7.0 platform now also supports up to 1PB volumes, which is in line with the continually-growing data volumes that businesses must manage.

New C2 solutions

On the cloud front, Synology announced the launch of several new C2 standalone solutions that address modern needs.

This follows the continued growth of the C2 ecosystem, which over the past year experienced 50% year-on-year growth, 70% growth in purchased capacity, and now boasts a total capacity of 200PB.

New C2 solutions include:

  • C2 Password – Safely stores credentials with unlimited cross-device synchronisation and complete end-to-end encryption.
  • C2 Transfer – Secure asset transfer service for digital assets, including recipient validation, end-to-end encryption, file requests, and more.
  • C2 Backup – Comprehensive protection for all data, system settings, and external hard drives on your device.
  • C2 Identity – Centralised directory and management service that includes user authentication and supports authentication for both internal and external services.

“DSM 7.0 and the new C2 expansion bring forward Synology’s new outlook on data management,” said Wong.

“We will continue pushing the boundaries even further with closer integration, bringing out the best of both on-premises and cloud architectures together.”

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