Leading technology distributor Syntech has announced a fetch, repair, replace and return policy (RMA) that is an industry first for the local technology distribution market.

This was confirmed by Syntech director, Ryan Martyn, who said that the new warranty solution had recently been introduced to its nationwide value added reseller and sub-distributor base.

“This is one of the many innovations, (including product innovations), that we are excited to bring into the Sub-Saharan marketplace,” he said.

Commenting further, Martyn said that the Syntech RMA was believed to be the “most cost-effective and advanced warranty replacement plan in the South African technology distribution market”.

“We believe that Syntech can add a tremendous amount of value to our resellers and distributors by Syntech offering this additional service.

“This is another way we differentiate ourselves from other distributors. When it comes to most other warranty offerings, resellers have to drop off the faulty product at the distributor – and then wait for it to be repaired. If it cannot be repaired on the fly, they have to return to the distributor at a later stage to pick up the product.

“However, when it comes to our policy, resellers simply have to phone us. We will go and fetch the product and either swap it out or repair it – and then we take it back to the reseller. This not only saves our clients’ time and money, but it gives them peace of mind. We believe that by offering an innovative RMA, we will increase our partners’ growth in the technology market. As we have developed excellent relationships with our value added resellers, we looked at the RMA rollout as a way to further our mutual service levels, and connect with our clients.”