South African-based IT distributor, Syntech, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Seasonic Electronics, the manufacturer of 80PLUS-certified PC power supplies.

Ryan Martyn, a director of Syntech, said the company is “focused on bringing the most efficient and best value power supplies to the South African marketplace”.

The Seasonic range has been certified and tested by the 80PLUS organisation (focused on testing efficiency in power supplies), and has received 80PLUS accreditation on all units. The top of the range 1000 watt model (P-1000XP) exhibits a full modular design, a matt black finish and a hybrid Sanyo Denki silent fan control. There are three operational stages: Fanless, Silent and Cooling Mode. This unit has been certified Platinum in accordance with the 80PLUS highest standards, offering the latest technology and innovation for performance and energy savings with up to 92% efficiency. “The P-1000XP power supply is compatible with a wide range of CrossFireX and SLI setups as well as with all the upcoming high performance CPUs, including solutions built on top of the latest AMD and Intel architectures”, says Martyn.

The Seasonic partnership with Syntech is an indication of greater opportunities in the IT import and local distribution landscape, and Syntech is proudly affiliated to this strong international brand.
Established in 2002, Syntech’s comprehensive inventory list enables resellers and retailers to procure all of their PC, Apple and CCTV hardware from one source, with a focus on professional storage and high performance products such as ATTO, Sonnet, G-Tech and SanDisk.