Syntech, the South African-based IT distributor, has announced that it has secured a primary distribution deal with Thecus Technology Corporation, a Taiwanese and US-based multinational corporation that designs Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Explaining NAS:
As a computer user, you generate and use digital information on a daily basis. It could be pictures from a wedding, your child’s first day at school, or a sales presentation. Your data is valuable, it needs to be stored, and you need to access it when necessary. You also need to secure your data, ensuring it cannot be stolen or misused. A centralised storage solution within your home ensures that you can access all your data from a number of devices, and a NAS can do all of this and more.

For small businesses and departmental applications, NAS offers good performance, scalability, and centralized data management. NAS devices have the added advantage of operating seamlessly with multiple operating systems and file types. Owning your own NAS box is viable for data wrangling, automating backup routines and serving up files to a number of connected devices, including smartphones, tablets and more. As a SME, data and backup is easily accessible from remote locations. You are in control of your own personal cloud.

The 2 to 4 bay NAS servers are typically for home use, the 4 to 8 bay NAS servers are typically for SME use, and the 12 and 16 bay NAS servers are used for enterprise storage solutions.

Ryan Martyn, a director of Syntech, said “Our focus is to be a top end storage solutions-driven partner and provider for our resellers, who, with the Thecus range of products, will be able to focus on niche markets such as the film and production industry. Thecus complements our existing product range which includes offerings within the IT hardware, Apple and CCTV categories”.

Established in 2002, Syntech’s comprehensive inventory list enables resellers and retailers to procure all of their PC, Apple and CCTV hardware from one source, with a focus on professional storage and high performance products such as Thecus, ATTO, Sonnet, G-Tech and SanDisk, amongst others